Review: Off the Clock (Pleasure Principle #1) by Roni Loren

25361857Off the Clock by Roni Loren
Pleasure Principle, #1
Release Date: January 5, 2016

Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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Overtime has never felt so good…

Marin Rush loves studying sex. Doing it? That’s another story. In the research lab, Marin’s lack of practical knowledge didn’t matter, but now that she’s landed a job at The Grove, a high-end, experimental sex therapy institute, she can’t ignore the fact that the person most in need of sexual healing may be her.

Dr. Donovan West, her new hotshot colleague, couldn’t agree more. Donovan knows that Marin’s clients are going to eat her alive unless she gets some hands-on experience. And if she fails at the job, he can say goodbye to a promotion, so he assignsher a list of R-rated tasks to prepare her for the wild clientele of The Grove’s X-wing.

But some of those tasks are built for two, and when he finds Marin searching for a candidate to help her check off her list, Donovan decides there’s only one man for the job—him. As long as they keep their erotic, off-the-clock activities strictly confidential and without strings, no one will get fired—or worse, get attached…

Exclusive to this edition only—a bonus short story



I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an early copy for review.

FRICKIN FANTASTIC!!! I love Roni’s books and this was no exception! Roni grabs right from the opening lines. The first thought that was going through my mind was WOW this already started off with a bang! Who is that? What is going on? It drew my right in. The intensity and chemistry builds throughout this book. If you lit a match the whole building would go up in flames.

I’m going to wrap my fingers in your hair and slide my other hand up your thigh. You have to be quiet for me. We can’t let anyone know.

Marin Rush wants to escape her home life and all the problems that at times seem so overwhelming. She meets Donovan he is a TA and she is drawn to him. It is late and he assumes that she is older and Marin tells him her name is Mari.

Marin is eighteen but knows he would question his interest if he knew. She likes him but is scared to tell him and  needs the escape that working with him on his research brings her. Until one night when everything changes and their relationship is taken to the next level. Secrets are soon uncovered and both will walk away changed.

Nine years later and Marin has to find a new job that will help her support her brothers dreams. She feels that she can’t let him down. When an opportunity comes along for her to interview at The Grove, Marin knows she has to try to get it. It will mean she can make her brothers dreams a reality and it could help her career as well.

When Marin goes to The Grove she runs smack dab into Donovan. She panics a little but knows she has to put it to the side because she needs this job. Donovan is in her interview and is in charge of the X-Wing so he will be the one mentoring her. He has reservations about hiring her and tells Dr. Suri that she is great with research but does not have the experience needed to be providing therapy for the clients.

That is when Dr. Suri challenges Dr. Donovan West to show what kind of mentor he can really be, and train her. If he does he will be promoted. Donovan soon realizes Marin is good with people but blushes over certain sexual situations that the clients discuss. This is a problem. He plans to solve it even if it might make it difficult for him and he is trying to remain professional.

I can’t be your boss. Because if what I have in mind is going to work, it’s going to have to be strictly off the clock and off the record.”

Will Donovan and Marin be able to keep their prior relationship at bay or will it cause them to risk their jobs? Can Marin get over the only man that has ever occupied her heart? Will Donovan learn to heal from his past? You have to read this book to find out.

Off the Clock was a hot-sizzling read that jumped off from the first line. As much as this couple was struggling with the emotions so was I, this book takes you on an emotionally sexy drive. I am definitely giving it 5 out 5 stars, and can’t wait for the next book!

Roni LorenAbout this author:

Roni wrote her first romance novel at age fifteen when she discovered writing about boys was way easier than actually talking to them. Since then, her flirting skills haven’t improved, but she likes to think her storytelling ability has.

Though she’ll forever be a New Orleans girl at heart, she now lives in Dallas with her husband and son. If she’s not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching reality television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to rockstars concerts.

She is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author of the The Loving on the Edge series and other sexy things.

Learn more about Roni:

Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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