Blog Tour: Julia Vanishes (Witch’s Child #1) by Catherine Egan with Review

22400015Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan
(Witch’s Child #1)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
Release Date: June 7, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars


Julia has the unusual ability to be . . . unseen. Not invisible, exactly. Just beyond most people’s senses.

It’s a dangerous trait in a city that has banned all forms of magic and drowns witches in public Cleansings. But it’s a useful trait for a thief and a spy. And Julia has learned–crime pays.

Her latest job is paying very well indeed. Julia is posing as a housemaid in the grand house of Mrs. Och, where an odd assortment of characters live and work: A disgraced professor who sends her to fetch parcels containing bullets, spiders, and poison. An aristocratic houseguest who is locked in the basement each night. And a mysterious young woman who is clearly in hiding–though from what or whom?

Worse, Julia suspects that there’s a connection between these people and the killer leaving a trail of bodies across the frozen city.

The more she learns, the more she wants to be done with this unnatural job. To go back to the safety of her friends and fellow thieves. But Julia is entangled in a struggle between forces more powerful than she’d ever imagined. Escape will come at a terrible price.



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an advanced copy of Julia Vanishes for an honest review.

Julia Vanishes has the perfect balance of mystery, romance and fantasy. The first couple chapters take you a little bit to get into the story but once you do it grabs a hold of you. This is a great story that like nothing else I have read.

The prologue draws you right in to the suspense. In a world where being a thief and spy is  an easier way to make money than most, and the best way Julia has found to survive. Criminals are killed on every corner. If you are caught for a crime you are hung and if you are suspected of witchcraft you are drowned.

Julia is working as a maid to spy and solve a mystery. If she wants to figure out what has been going on since it seems so strange. She gets herself in some bad situations, but also manages to use some cool abilities and smarts to help her get out of some too.

If you are a woman you don’t want to be caught with a pen and paper, since that is how witches cast their spells. The last thing you want is to be suspected of witchcraft.

What will Julia uncover? What will the consequences be of spying on the house? You have to read this book to find out.

Julia Vanishes was full of great world building, and so many amazing elements such as magic, and historical setting. I was definitely left wanting more, and I can’t wait for book #2 in the Witch’s Child series. I would definitely recommend Julia Vanishes and I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars.


 photo Catherine Egan author photo_zpsfulxznmg.jpgAbout Author:

My superpowers: high-kicking, list-making, simultaneously holding two opposing opinions
My weaknesses: fear of flying, excessive list-making, lame-ass mortality
My allies: The Canadian Mounties, my made-for-walking-in black boots, Mick, the English Language
My enemies: decaf, low blood sugar, the passage of time
My mission: the coexistence of ambivalence and joy.

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