Blog Tour: This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills ~ ARC Review


27779275This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills
Henry Holt and Company
Release Date: October 4, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars


Sloane isn’t expecting to fall in with a group of friends when she moves from New York to Florida—especially not a group of friends so intense, so in love, so all-consuming. Yet that’s exactly what happens.

Sloane becomes closest to Vera, a social-media star who lights up any room, and Gabe, Vera’s twin brother and the most serious person Sloane’s ever met. When a beloved painting by the twins’ late mother goes missing, Sloane takes on the responsibility of tracking it down, a journey that takes her across state lines—and ever deeper into the twins’ lives.

Filled with intense and important friendships, a wonderful warts-and-all family, shiveringly good romantic developments, and sharp, witty dialogue, this story is about finding the people you never knew you needed.



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I would like to thank the publisher for providing me with an advance copy of This Adventure Ends for an honest review.

This Adventure Ends is charming, and had a way of making hard topics relateable.  I loved the idea of a book that focused on a protagonist that never had a best friend and had never been in love and was skeptical about it. Lets be honest not all teens grow up having tons of friends and know what it is like to be in love. Finding your place and who you are is hard.

Sloane has just moved to a new town in northern Florida and is looking forward to a new change. I must say Emma got the Florida landscape down perfect, as someone who lives here, from the sandy dirt! Her father is a writer who is trying to find out what he wants to write next. Sloane’s mom wants her to pursue her singing talent but Sloane doesn’t know what she wants. She is looking forward to making new friends and exploring new options.

Sloane right away meets a new group that she clicks with. Most of them accept her snarky personality but at times, since she hasn’t had friends or relationships relating to others becomes a challenge, and something that needs navigating. Sloane is great at lightening a mood but that is not always what someone wants or needs.

Gabe and his twin sister Vera have lost their mom’s painting and Sloane is determined to get it back for them. She goes on an exploration trying to find out where it is and how she can get it. She becomes very invested. Sloane starts to realize she has feelings for someone but thinks they like someone else.

Will Sloane find the painting for her friends? Can Sloane learn to let people in, and gain special relationships in the process?

This Adventure Ends has quick-witty moments, and so many quirky and cute scenes. I really did enjoy it and it was a fast page turner. It did focus on her friends and family as well as Sloane, so I did feel it was a lot of relationships and issues, but Emma did handle it well. I would have given it 5 stars if she had focused a little less on her dad. I loved him and his character, just for me needed to cut some of it down, and have more of the story be the friends, and a little more romance. I would recommend and I am giving This Adventure Ends 4 out of 5 stars.

Emma   MillsAbout Author:

Emma Mills is a debut author better known to her subscribers as vlogger Elmify. She is also cocreator and cohost of the “life skills” channel How to Adult.

Youtube | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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