Teen Author Festival ~ November 2016 in Florida

Post created by Fallon from Seeing Double In Neverland. We are organizing for a bunch of Florida bloggers to spread the word for a new Teen Author Event that we are locally so excited for!

If you are a writer this is an event you want to attend.

Here’s all the panel information from Martina Boone. “Some of that may still be subject to change, but the gist is there and we should have a lot of options for people.”

Author Introductions — 4:00-4:30 pm

Community Room  

Authors will introduce themselves and their books. If time we will have brief Q&A.  

First Panel Session — 4:40-5:20pm

Room 1: YA Chicks Vivi Barnes, Christina Farley & Amy Christine Parker

Room 2:  Buried Secrets and Hidden Dangers (Stories with Plot Twists) Jodi Meadows, Martina Boone & Jenn Marie Thorne  

Second Panel Session — 5:30-6:10pm

Room 1: Fractured Retellings and Fairy Tales—Christina Farley & Alethea Kontis

Room 2: Kicking Butt and Taking Names  (Writing Stories with Action)- Sarah Nicolas, Amy Christine Parker, Jenn Marie Thorne & Jeff Yager  

Third Panel Session — 6:20-7:00pm

Room 1: Fantastical Beasts and Twisted Magic (World building in the Fantasy World) – Althea Kontis, Martina Boone, Christina Farley & Jodi Meadows,

Room 2: Other Side of the Writing Industry (Stories from the Publishing world) — Lucienne Diver & Sarah Nicolas 

Fourth Panel Session— 7:10– 7:50pm

Room 1: Writing Real Characters (How to write characters) — Vivi Barnes, Jodi Meadows & Jeff Yager

Room 2: Flash Fiction (Madlibs type game, writing a story with audience participation) — Alethea Kontis, Lucienne Diver & Martina Boone

Author signings to follow starting at 8:00 PM

I hope to see you there!!!

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