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Tips for Attending Your First Signing/Convention

I love going to signings and conventions. A great convention that happens every year is called Love N Books and October 27th-29th they will be having a convention in Las Vegas!

I have had the pleasure of attending several signings and conventions over the last several years and I would like to think I have learned a few things about what are some good do’s and don’ts. What is essentials to bring, what will weigh you down. My goal is to help you with just a few tips on what to pack, what to bring each day and etiquette. Some may think well that may be common sense but some of these things can really help you if you are sure.

Packing for Your Trip

Some airlines let you bring carry-ons and don’t charge. This is where I put most of my weight if I am looking to save a few bucks. You can bring a nice size carry-on and fill it with just books.

What to Wear

You want clothes that are comfortable for the signing and panel portions. These can be long and sometimes crowded, so hot! I usually pack a cute t-shirt and jeans or a leggings and dress. Make sure you bring comfortable shoes.

You then want to bring a fun cute outfit for partying because trust me there is always a chance for this at most conventions. This is when you can pull out your uncomfortable shoes and you will be grateful for saving your feet.

What to Pack in My Bag at the Signing

You will have a bag for your books. This is on reference to what you should pack for your personal bag. It should be small and light. It should have a small size, resealable water bottle (you will get thirsty and not want to take breaks), a snack/snack bar (a lot of these go through lunch or eating hours and you may need it), phone, portable charger for your phone, passes to event, and cash.

Respect and Boundaries

You will be in long lines with fellow fans and readers so make friends, be kind and patient. It is easy to get excited and testy when you have been waiting a long time and are sore and tired but try to remember it is a long event and you will be with these people all weekend. You may also see them again at a future event.

The authors and celebrities are to be shown respect. They know that you are excited and I would say if you see them in the lobby it is okay to ask to take a picture if they do not look like they are in a hurry but if they are in the bathroom, NO!!!! Know the place and be aware of the circumstances.

MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN!!! I hope these tips will help you do that!

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