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Review & Excerpt Tour: Driven to Distraction (Road to Love, #1) by Lori Foster ~ Excerpt & Teasers

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lori Foster comes DRIVEN TO DISTRACTION, the first in Lori’s sizzling new Road to Love series! Check out the scintillating excerpt below and grab your copy today!


When desire gets this hot, you’d better buckle up…

Mary Daniels doesn’t let anything get in the way of her job acquiring rare artifacts for her wealthy boss. But this particular obstacle—huge, hard-muscled, unashamedly masculine—is impossible to ignore. Stuck in a cramped car with Brodie Crewsfor hours en route to their new assignment, Mary feels her carefully crafted persona—and her trademark self-control—is slipping, and she won’t allow it.

Brodie can’t imagine what secret in Mary’s past has left her so buttoned-up, though he’d dearly love to find out. Maybe then she’d trust him enough to explore their explosive chemistry. But he needs this job, so he’ll play by her rules and bide his time…until an enemy determined to outwit them strikes and he needs to get close—in every way—to protect her. Otherwise they could lose much more than a precious collectible. They could lose it all.


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Tour Excerpt 2

Mary cursed herself for the hundredth—maybe the thousandth time—as she sat on the bed, her laptop open before her at three in the morning. Her eyes burned and she couldn’t stop yawning, but then she hadn’t slept much through the night.

She put the blame for her sleepless night squarely on the boulder-shoulders of that scruffy-faced, rude, provoking cretin that Therman insisted she hire. When he’d first named Brodie Crews as the courier he wanted, she’d thought nothing of it. Their last transporter had relocated and hadn’t been that reliable anyway. Twice he’d been unable to accept Therman’s assignments, and that had left them scrambling for a replacement. If Brodie Crews worked out, Therman wanted him on retainer.

But then her boss, Therman Ritter, an eighty-six-year-old eccentric sweetheart, didn’t have to be around the man. No, Therman stayed tucked away in his million-dollar retreat, collecting his “valuables” and avoiding society.

It was Mary’s job to socialize, to make human contact, and to ensure the acquisitions happened without a hitch. She always accompanied the courier to guarantee Therman’s interests were respected—and kept private.

She should have had Mr. Crews sign the contract yesterday, but at that point she’d still been hoping to talk Therman out of hiring him.

And she’d wanted to get away from the man as quickly as possible.

In some indefinable way, he threatened her peace of mind and her carefully crafted persona. A first for her, and damn him, she didn’t like it.

Looking over all the research she could find on Brodie, she marveled that Therman had chosen him. She couldn’t find one overwhelming reason to explain why her unusual boss had focused on that brother instead of the other, but she did know now that Jack wouldn’t have been accepted. Therman had been very clear on that point.

Thank God Brodie had insisted, because Therman had been very displeased with her efforts to switch up brothers. Her descriptions of them, her comparisons, hadn’t mattered at all.

Therman wanted Brodie, and only Brodie.

It wasn’t the Mustang Transport website that had convinced him. It was still being built and contained only the basics. It wasn’t Brodie’s bio, either, which mostly mentioned his history as a courier and dedicated work ethic. Nor would it be his stellar driving record, because that was expected for his career choice.

No, the one thing that had won over Therman was Brodie’s rescue of that oversized, long-boned dog. Therman had read a lot into it: compassion, determination, duty, honor…the list went on and on. That single heroic incident had convinced him that Brodie was the perfect person to complete the job.

Frustrated, Mary sat back against the pillows and read the too-brief article again. Brodie had found the dog chained to a stake in the broiling sun near a junkyard. No food, no water. Signs of abuse.

Mary swiped away a tear, furious with the idea that anyone would ever mistreat any animal. In many ways, it was the same as mistreating a child. One couldn’t speak, and the other was often too afraid to tell.

Brodie must’ve been furious too, because he found the owners and offered for the dog. In doing so he’d apparently stumbled into a drug deal in progress. Guns were drawn, shots fired—and somehow Brodie had come out of it whole hide, with three men wounded. He’d taken the dog home, rehabilitated him and given him the cushy life.

That was a year ago, and while Mary did consider it incredibly heroic, it had absolutely nothing to do with transporting Therman’s valuables.

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About Lori Foster:

Since first publishing in January 1996, Lori Foster has become a USA Today, Publisher’s Weekly and New York Times bestselling author. Lori has published through a variety of houses, including Kensington, St. Martin’s, Harlequin, Silhouette, Samhain, and Berkley/Jove. She is currently published with HQN. Visit her online at

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