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But, wonder no longer because this week the film's cinematographer, lawrence sher. The final scene also contains a clue;

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The following contains spoilers for director todd phillips' joker, in theaters now.

Joker movie girlfriend explained. The talk show stuff was a hallucinatory delusion of grandeur. And penny's psychiatric records reveal her schizophrenia and an adoption certificate. Joker’s new girlfriend punchline’s origin has been revealed by dc comics in the joker 80th anniversary 100 page super spectacular.

The fake girlfriend delusion was just a clue to a bigger truth; The joker ending explained, including the final scene, the bruce wayne twist, and what happened to sophie. It looks like joaquin phoenix and todd phillips are laughing all the way to the bank as 2019's joker takes comic book movie fans under the big top for a dive.

Joaquin phoenix is the real joker, and he just made up this character called arthur fleck to toy with the people trying to treat him. One of the big theories to come out of the movie is whether arthur fleck killed his neighbor or not, which we will explore below. The flipside of the bruce wayne obsession is the lingering question of if joker is thomas wayne's's certainly built up to as a seismic twist, his mother a scorned lover forced to live in poverty, but digging deeper seems to disprove that:

The apartment scene is the last time zazie beetz is seen in “joker,” but phillips revealed there was an additional beat planned for the film that would have not left sophie’s fate up for debate. As tidy (and deeply disturbing) a creation myth. Do y'all think arthur killed sophie?

If fleck had actually done all of those crimes, it’s unlikely he’d be talking to a counselor in an unprotected setting. Joker introduces potentially one of the most mentally disturbed versions of the iconic villain. Thomas shoots down the delusion before arthur can say anything;

Director todd phillips has come out on record to say we have no plans for a [joker] sequel, saying, we made this movie, i pitched it to warner bros. The following contains massive spoilers for joker. Visit insider's homepage for more stories.

Meanwhile, check out zazie beetz explaining how her joker. The joker movie finale builds to a crushing crescendo. It exists in its own world.

First, the plot this movie serves as the origin story for the joker character, who, as you know, goes on to terrorize gotham and make serious trouble for batman. What was real, what wasn't, and what it all means ps5 console preview: This theory argues the ending of the movie shows the real joker.

Following is a transcript of the video. If you haven't seen the film yet, you really don't want to read on. More from next big movie joker joker ending explained:

It concludes with a surprising twist. After i saw joker, i was convinced that the movie’s final scene was a flashback to arthur’s first stint in arkham — showing that he was a violent threat even before the events of the film. For instance, his relationship to sophie is a fantasy to him.

Joker movie's origin story explained. A part of the viewer's experience, sher explained. So far, the most divisive.

After years of easily digestible marvel movies, dc’s joker origins story. We break down what the ending means, and the many hints to it throughout the movie. In the new joker movie, the mob is angry and looking.

What really happened to arthur fleck’s ‘imaginary girlfriend’ sophie in ‘joker’? The wait for joker to cinemas is finally over and its shaping up to be one of the best and most disturbing films of 2019. Joker is now out in theaters, in the story it tells is going to be the subject of much debate, likely for years to come.

Joker's new girlfriend punchline's killer origin revealed. Played by joaquin phoenix, arthur fleck struggles with society and his own mental health as he lashes out at those around him. Joker, starring joaquin phoenix, tells the origin story of the infamous batman villain.

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