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I was excited when i found out this was… continue reading → January 8, 2013 the loved ones is a breath of fresh air for.

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Hence, i was completely unprepared for the loved ones, a 2009 torture film from australia that came in the waning years of the cycle (i don't know exactly where to say it ended, but the release of saw 3d in the last months of 2010 seems like a fair contender).

The loved ones movie review. The loved ones movie review by siobahn harris warning: The loved ones was much more fucked up than i expected. Much like wolf creek, another australian horror movie that took an ancient old premise and turned it into a tense and thrilling hellride, the loved ones is so masterfully crafted, it succeeds where it should fail.

The loved ones knows what it wants to be from the very first frame, and accomplishes it by offering a smart spin on complex themes like jealousy, familial bonds, grief, teen. It's an aussie horror flick that seems like a bizarre cross between hostel and pretty in pink, and it's quite an entertaining experience. Lola stone and her dad are straight up out of the texas chainsaw massacre family, only with a little more style.

The loved ones is a very strange film to watch. Usually when someone tells me that a movie will make me squirm i somewhat disregard the statement just from how desensitized i have become. 17 year old brent (xavier samuel) is driving along a road in rural australia with his father as passenger.

When brent turns down his classmate lola's invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildly violent plan for revenge. The loved ones, however, may be the last movie of that subgenre to actually be worthwhile. The loved ones definitely succeeds as an unnerving horror movie, but it’s also a crafty, effective “race against the clock” kidnapping thriller.

This movie is all blood, all gore, and all awesome! It allows the audience a moment of tension and release to keep from overwhelming. “the loved ones”, is about a teenage girl named lola aka “princess” (played by robin mcleavy), and her deranged and semi incestuous father.

It is not, i want to make very clear, a particularly deep or thoughtful piece of. Dad’s into little river band (yoikes!), son’s a metal head (yoikes again!). Brutal and intense with some moments that are hard to watch but don't go too far to be enjoyed.

The pacing is great and the soundtrack is killer. The loved ones (2009) movie review release in 2009 get ready for my review of the loved ones and this is one crazy movie. When lola asks brent out (played by xavier samuel) to the dance, he politely declines because he has a girlfriend already, which lola knew about but decided to ask him out anyway.

I found this movie on hulu and figured i would give it a try. The loved ones is a slick one, the viewer gets that just from the very beginning of the film where the soundtrack plays a very big part. After watching a trailer for it, i knew it would be a keeper.

The loved ones movie review, comparison, specification specification genre: Upon seeing the new trailer recently, i instantly remembered the loved ones. The 100 best horror movies of all time.

When brent denies the socially awkward lola's offer to the prom, lola decides that she's not going to take the loved ones is a very strange film to watch. When brent turns down his classmate lola’s invitation to the prom, she concocts a wildy violent plan for revenge. In the beginning of the film brent is driving with his father and discussing the things most teenage boys that get along with their fathers discuss.

And so while the loved ones is, as many others have declared, the best horror film to come out of australia since 2005’s wolf creek,. The book was not only an attack on the southern california funeral industry but also a lampoon of hollywood's Successfully mixing the conventions of the teen and horror genres with a twist, australian director sean byrne makes a striking directorial debut with the loved ones.

The loved ones critics consensus. It was a movie i was excited to see after hearing the buzz out of tiff (where it won the. Xavier samuel, jessica mcnamee classification:

The loved ones home > movie reviews > the loved ones i’ve been waiting for quite some time to get my hands on this aussie import and let's just say i was not let down at all, it's just too bad it hasn't been properly released in the states yet. However, the loved ones got close quite a few times from breaking down those walls. The loved ones is a 2009 australian horror film written and directed by sean byrne and starring xavier samuel, robin mcleavy, victoria thaine, jessica mcnamee, richard wilson, and john follows a teenager (samuel) who finds himself at the center of a female classmate's (mcleavy) demented party after he declines her offer to attend a school dance.

October 20, 2010 rolanstein 4 comments. With xavier samuel, robin mcleavy, john brumpton, richard wilson. The loved ones has a lot to offer in wit, style and entertainment and i can highly recommend it.

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